Current Projects
Future Projects

Abedu-Bentsi School

Our current project is to renovate, and rebuild The Abedu-Bentsi School in Logan Town, Monrovia. Portion of the old building will be torn down due to it’s unsafe nature and hazard to the children sitting in those class rooms. The better side of the building will renovated and used for additional classrooms and offices. The new building includes a 10 classroom building with a cafeteria & kitchen a new boys and girls bathrooms, a library, a science lab and a computer lab. The lower level of the new building will convert into an auditorium which will have state of the art audio and visual equipment and enough room for students’ assembly and programs. The entire compound will be fenced to ensure the children and the new facility will be secure at all times.

Orphanage in Kakata

Our next project will be at the Children Future Orphanage in Kakata, 45 miles outside of Monrovia. We will be renovating the living quarters and classrooms of the children, due to poor living conditions, because the whole facility leaks horribly when it rains. We plan to build a new kitchen and dining hall for the children to have a place to eat instead of eating outside on the grounds, we will also build new bathrooms and restrooms for them in order to improve their hygiene, and the sanitary condition on the campus.