Our Success

Aletha’s Legacy operates in West Africa, where we started our humanitarian missions in 2019. have had to deal with life in unimaginable ways, living through a 14-year civil war to the devastation of Ebola.

Aletha's Legacy is engaged in a hands-on approach with the children we serve, by providing hope and education on an individual level. Our first project, a school which was 25th out of 25 schools in the MCSS district, is now number 1. Aletha’s Legacy built a brand-new state of the art complex for this relegated community making the children of this community proud. Over the past year The Abedu-Bentsi school’s population has increased by 76%, causing Aletha’s Legacy to embark on a second project on the campus, to demolish the old, dilapidated building and build a new one with new classrooms, offices and a clinic to create space for the influx of students.
Our other major project is in Kakata, Margibi County. We adopted an Orphanage which houses 57 children which turned orphans due to numbers of reasons ranging from neglect to Ebola and the civil war. 87% of children at CFP Orphanage have individual sponsors who provide the means for the children to enjoy a healthy life, education and basic necessities. We have also transformed their lives by improving their living quarters, provide running and safe drinking water, building a set of showers and toilet facilities for them to greatly improve their sanitation and wellbeing and a mess hall a kitchen, just to name a few.
We have provided desktop computers for sponsor and child to get to know each other by video calls and messaging and made it possible for some of the sponsors to take trips to Liberia to visit their sponsored child.
Our successes, however, could not be achieved without the support of our individual and corporate sponsors, which we are greatly appreciative of.