Sponsor A Child

We are offering the ability to sponsor a child for food and water, and shelter like previously - and we are adding a second-tier sponsorship to help cover the cost of basic medical care. This would include things like vitamins, shots, basic vaccines against mumps and much more. We found that the $600 sponsorship last year only covered the cost of the child's food for 11 months, so this year each tier is $600 or $1200 for the year to be a FULL sponsor of Your sponsored child. 

Your support helps ensure that your sponsored child receives 3 meals a day and quality education for the year.

We can't tell you how grateful we are for people like you have decided to help make a difference in these kids' lives.
If you have selected to sponsor a child or more, we have attached options for PayPal, Venmo, or credit card payment. If you choose a credit card. 

If you decide to sponsor a child, and need more information, or profile of your child please reach us at info@alethaslegacy.org